Sushi Go!

By XeroCube | December 31, 2016

This Christmas, Sam got a copy of Sushi Go. I know we are late to the party with this game, but I’m certainly glad we got it.
Sushi Go’s visual style is just adorable. The cards themselves are nice looking and very cute. It’s also simple, making it easy to know what each card is at a glance, which is helpful for the kids. sushi-go-box
The rulebook is simple enough and very easy to understand. The scoring system is on the cards though, so going back to the rulebook won’t happen often.
The gameplay is quick and simple. There are three rounds. You deal a hand of cards to each player. Each player looks at their hand, keeps a card, and passes their hand to the next player. They reveal their kept card and then pick another card from their new hand. This goes on until every card is picked. Points are tallied and then the next round begins. A game takes about 15-20 minutes. Easy peasy.
The sushi flavor of the game is great too. Do you attempt to make the most Maki Rolls? How about getting the most nigiri or dumplings? Do you grab the wasabi or take the pudding?
I think the game is simple enough for the kiddos, but has enough strategy for the most advanced players. Either way, the game is pretty easy to pick up and super fun.

Check this out on Amazon: Sushi Go.
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