HP ALM – Determining when a Test Case Instance is added to a Test Set

By XeroCube | August 23, 2012

As mentioned in a previous post, my team has been attempting to generate reporting metrics directly out of the ALM database. One of the issues we were running into was determining when a Test Case Instance (TESTCYCL) has been added to a Test Set (CYCLE). There were many queries put together and tables examined and we finally came up with the following SQL Query that appears to get what we need.  It is as follows:

select AU_ENTITY_ID, MIN(AU_TIME) as [Earliest Date]

There are a few issues with this, as discovered through conversations with HP Platinum Support Vendors and HP representatives directly. The prime issue is that, HP ALM, as of version 11, will delete these audit records from the AUDIT_LOG table upon removing the Test Case Instance from the Test Set. If you are looking to determine ‘No Run’ test status counts, this will cause an issue. This has been determined to be a defect in ALM, which has been reported due to this particular effort.

The only workarounds that we have been presented to accurately determine this information is to create a custom field in our ALM project and implement workflow code to populate this field for us. Then we could query off this user-generated field. Personally, I have to believe there is a better way, but we haven’t been able to determine it.

Should HP developers run across this post, I’d recommend adding a set of audit columns to the TESTCYCL, CYCLE, and RUN tables or add a “CREATED” series of records to the AUDIT_LOG table.

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