Turn Signals and my Honda Accord

By XeroCube | July 17, 2012

Recently, I needed to perform so minor maintenance on my 2002 Honda Accord. Basically, I had to replace the bulb on my dashboard clock, a relatively simple process.

I pried the dashboard clock out of the console and disconnected the two wiring terminals, so I could easily hold the component while screwing the replacement bulb in. This particular component also contains the hazard light switch. I reconnected the wiring and turned the car on. As expected, my clock is now illuminated again!

The bad news, my turn signals no longer work. Brake lights: fine. Headlights: fine. Flip the turn signal, no signal.

Following this story, it is pretty obvious what the issue was. However, at the time, my mind raced through any number of options. Blown fuses: no. Replace the relay: nope. Then it dawned on me… let’s check the wiring cables on the clock component. I pulled out the component, reseated by connections and confirmed they both clicked firmly into place. I tried the turn signals and they popped right on.

Here is the lesson that I learned: the turn signal operations routes through the Hazard Switch. This was a relatively easy fix and simple problem that caused me a bunch of heartache.

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