The Zoey Chronicles – #1 : The Bunny on the Lake

By XeroCube | June 17, 2011

Today, i bring you the first, in what i hope to be a series, of many stories, as told by my daughter, Zoey. Today, she is just shy of 3 years old. I asked her to tell me a story. And this is how it went:

There was a bunny on a lake.
The bunny hopped and hopped. She hopped on the lake so high. So high to the sky.
The bunny got stuck in a tree. She has an owie.
The bunny’s mommy gave her a big kiss and made her all better.
The bunny is still in the tree.

The end.

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as i did. I have to wonder, though, why the bunny is still in the tree. This is a mystery we may never solve.

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