Merry Christmas, 2010

By XeroCube | December 28, 2010

This was a fantastic Christmas this year at our household, far exceeding my expectations. Not only did St. Nick make his way to visit the small child, but Zoey was fully expecting his arrival. She laid out the cookies and milk with expert care, as much as two and a half year old could muster. Then, an idea so massive struck her, she couldnt have reacted any faster: she was still awake! I have never seen Zoey move so fast to get to her bed. As she was halway up the stairs, another thought hit her: Mommy and Daddy were still awake! She stormed down the stairs and raced to our sides. “Sleep, Daddy, sleep!”. We were marched upstairs, lectured on the impending visit by Santa. Our evening ended shortly thereafter, but it was a very special evening for us.

The following morning, Zoey was not disappointed. Santa had come and left many wonderful toys and games. However, the funny ol’ guy had goofed! He has left his hat! So, if you happened to catch a glimpse of Santa and he didnt have his hat, dont worry. Zoey found it and is actively trying to find a way to return it.

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