Iron Chef: America

By XeroCube | December 6, 2010

They have started a new season of Iron Chef: America, with the induction of Iron Chef Forgione. I have noticed several small changes to the show’s format. What I have noticed so far:

  1. Alton Brown is actively taunting and criticizing the Iron Chef and Competitor now. He has been overly catty to the Challenger so far on the past two shows.
  2. They actually spent time showing the Chefs divvying out the cooking/plating tasks at the beginning of each battle.
  3. The Chairman now directly asks/prompts the judges for additional commentary if they appear to be too hard/soft on the plate.
  4. The judges now have to give an overall assessment to each chef’s offerings.

Not sure if it adds or detracts from the show… but it is noticeable.

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