Outsource – Season 1 – Pilot

By XeroCube | September 24, 2010

NBC decided to try its luck with a new comedy called “Outsourced”. It is based on a movie of the same name.

Now, last year, i actually watched the movie (via Netflix streaming) because it looked funny and I thought it might be like OfficeSpace. While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it was not a classic comedy such as Office
Space. In fact, it really wasn’t all that funny — more just a
lighthearted character piece. All in all, I say it is very much worth

That said, the television
series tries to capitalize on this movie — and fails miserably. The
pilot was not funny and could be conceived as overly offensive, in a
completely non-funny kind
of way. I am chalking up the pilot’s issues with it being setup to the
overall series, so will likely watch it again next week — solely due to
how much I enjoyed the movie.

This series makes my list of candidates of new shows that will be quickly canceled.

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