Rolling into a hectic weekend…

By XeroCube | May 9, 2010

It has been an eventful Mother’s Day weekend. The weekend started with a frantic dash to Mobile after a long, trying day at the office. I will not be getting into that topic in this post, so I challenge you to use your imagination. Rolling in to the MOB at midnight is an exciting adventure.

Getting to Saturday morning was quite a different story. We have Zoey, who woke up after a 3 hour car nap at midnight… and didn’t return to sleep until several hours later. Then, to add to the magic, the air mattress… yep, you guessed… it popped. Woo! Saturday morning was looking to be a success.

And it turns out, though my sarcasm was thick, Saturday was actually a success. I met my brother’s 4th child, a cute little Black-Mouthed Curr named Jilly, spend several hours with the actual family, enjoy the wonder that is Jimmie John’s sandwiches, and attend a rather beautiful wedding. The day culminated with the reception at Five Rivers Reception hall: dinner, dancing, and drinks. Speaking of dancing, Colin — he was off the chain.

On to Mother’s Day: I love my wife and mother of my child. Yes, they are one and the same. Brandy is awesome!

Now, we are home and unwinding with The Soup.

Good times!

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