Multiple ASP.NET Virtual Directories on One Web Site Server

By XeroCube | December 10, 2009

I have made a discovery this morning while attempting to configure two ASP.NET Virtual Directories on one Web Site Server.
The server houses IIS6 and is hosting several web applications for our QA group. IIS is responsible for hosting our ScrewTurn Wiki and an internal metrics gathering tool. The Wiki was built using the .NET Framework version 2 and the Metrics site using the .NET framework version 4. It turns out that if one web site is hosting two virtual directories, that ALL virtual directories for that site MUST use the same version of the .NET Framework.
To solve our issue, I created a seperate Web Site in IIS, running on a seperate port, to run our wiki site.

During our troubleshooting, we discovered this page and found it extremely useful as well:

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