Just Another Ghostbusters III Rumor

By XeroCube | June 19, 2009

There have been plenty of rumors flying about the potential for a third Ghostbusters movie. And while many of them are fruitless, I am drawn in by this particular doozy.

Reading through my RSS feeds directed me to this site, BLDG|BLOG. This post, the author writes up his rendition of a Ghostbusters III script pitch, in the unlikely case they were tapped to write the screenplay. I have included a brief snippet for your enjoyment, but highly recommend you going to read the full post. I have to admit, I think this would be a great movie… especially if it involved the Ghostbusters mythos.

BLDGBLOG: NYNEX, Embedded Angel of New York City

The opening scene: a pay phone on a sun-splashed street near Washington Square Park. You can see the famous arch in the background.
A man is sitting nearby, outside a deli. He’s got a bagel and a coffee and he’s reading the New York Times.
The phone starts to ring. He looks at it. It rings and rings.
He gets up, finally, and approaches the phone – and he answers it.
It’s his dad.
But he thought his dad was dead.
Ghostbusters III.
The city’s telecommunications system is not some mere collection of copper wires and fiber optics, the film will suggest; it’s actually the subtle anatomy of a barely understood supernatural being, an angel of rare metals embedded in the streets of Manhattan.
Somewhere between AT&T and H.P. Lovecraft, by way of electromagnetized Egyptian mythology.
These metals, Harold Ramis will explain, pushing up his eyeglasses, also correspond to materials used in pre-Christian burial rituals throughout Mesopotamia. Copper coffins. Traces of selenium found in embalming tools. He refers to Tiamat, dragon of multiple heads, and he draws mind-bending parallels between Middle Eastern mythology and the origins of NYNEX. NYNEX/Tiamat. NYNEX/Michael. NYNEX/Metatron.
Certain members of the audience think the whole thing sounds like bullshit. But they like the special effects. And who cares, anyway.

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