The Main Drag – “A Jagged Gorgeous Winter”

By XeroCube | June 18, 2009

The fine folks at Harmonix are responsible for creating some of the best music and rhythm games on the market, specifically Rock Band. This is not hard proven fact, solely my opinion, but I stand by it. As a group of developers, they pride themselves on knowing music because they are obviously passionate about the topic. In fact, many of the developers of the games have stepped out to create bands of their own.

The Main Drag is one such band. Not only have they written a clever song that has been included in Rock Band 2, but the video for it is equally awesome. Anyone who can pull off a successfully Calvin and Hobbers reference is alright in my book.

So now, enjoy the video!

A Jagged Gorgeous Winter – The Main Drag from Main Drag on Vimeo.

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