Star Trek (2009)

By XeroCube | May 11, 2009

This past weekend, we gathered a group of friends and went to the local cinema to watch “Star Trek” as directed by J.J. Abrams. I didn’t fully know what to expect when we walked into the theater. The level of hype around this movie equaled that of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and we know how that panned out.We were all pleasantly surprised to be treated to a fantastic film.

Who would’ve thought that this movie could live up to the hype and standards set by, not only, hardcore Star Trek fans, but avid Abrams followers? There are so many reasons this movie could have failed: poor casting, blackhole-sized plot holes, terrible script, lack of respect for the source material… and this film managed to walk all of these tightropes with grace and ease. And to top it off, it was an exciting journey from the first frame to the final fanfare.

Most Star Trek folks know that the series focuses on the characters… and this film is no different. All of the players enter the story as the plot demands, which allows for the proper introductions to be made for each and every character. And while Scotty shows up a bit late in the film for my tastes, it makes sense in the grand scheme of the movie.

The cast was spot on for each role. Chris Pine took command of James T. Kirk with reckless abandon. Zachary Quinto embodied the youthful Spock. I could take you through the entire list, but I will leave you with these two: Simon Pegg as Scotty (excellent, if underused) and the return of Leonard Nemoy (trust me, it just worked).

There is plenty of action to go around. In fact, there are only a few lulls in the entire 2 hour running time. The starship battles are spectacular, the halo-jumping skydive is amazing, and well… plenty of handy fisticuffs.

There is no better review for a movie than wanting to go right back into the theater and watch it again immediately. If I hadn’t have had plans already for the evening, that’s exactly what I would’ve done. This franchise reboot worked and worked well. It got my excited about Star Trek and anxious to see the next installment. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a theater viewing of this movie.

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