Disney is GO for Hulu

By XeroCube | April 30, 2009

engadgetHD reports that Disney has jumped on the Hulu train… finally. Here’s to more selection available to stream to my TV. Sure, Hulu is no replacement for the broadcast television, but it definitely helps in the pinch when you missed your favorite show or were unable to record it.

Disney grabs a piece of Hulu

Just as we’d heard, Disney has worked out a deal with Hulu that includes taking a piece of the streaming video site, joining NBC Universal, News Corporation and Providence Equity Partners as owners and bringing Disney TV shows and movies to the site. Expect Lost, Desperate Housewives, Greek, General Hospital and the like so show up after the deal closes, no word on any delay periods and the only content not mentioned in the deal appears to be ESPN related properties. Also sadly missing from the announcement? Any word of increased HD streaming on Hulu, lets hope they take a page from ABC.com and get right on that.

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