Sweet Coconut Thai Chai

By XeroCube | March 6, 2009

I was wandering through Target during lunch yesterday, as it’s as good a place to escape the office as any other during lunch, and decided to peruse the teas. I like to enjoy a good cup of hot tea in the afternoons at work – as I have been trying to ween myself off the mass amounts of coffee I used to drink. And since  I gravitate towards uncommon flavors, I tend to try a variety of teas.

Well, I found Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Chai.

This black tea has a great flavor, combining ginger, cardamom, cloves, and star anise with a creamy coconut taste. I must say, I am a huge fan and suggest those adventurous tea drinkers to give this a shot.

Celestial Seasonings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai Chai

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