Inauguration 2009 Thoughts

By XeroCube | January 22, 2009

After watching President Obama’s Inauguration on January 20th, I have been debating on how to word my thoughts about the day. I did manage to watch most of the inaugural events from the comfort of my desk via As an aside, I was amused that my inauguration coverage was brought to me by the movie “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”.

Anyway, I watched and listened. Impressed by the day’s events? Yes. I was not inspired, nor awe-struck.I was expecting more from his speech. Eloquent? Yes. Moving? Not so much… Still, I debated on how I feel about the entire event (up until 12:45p when my meetings began). Then I ran across this post by Toby Harnden, which captured my sentiment’s pretty much.

After the hype and the words, can President Barack Obama deliver? :: Toby Harnden

5. It is startling how much of a leap into the unknown Americans are making. Obama is almost completely untested.
8. At the moment, Obama is someone who has vast potential but has achieved very little.

You should read the rest of the post for his other 8 thoughts. I found it quite interesting.

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