Lily’s 1st Birthday

By XeroCube | May 29, 2008

Today is the little hellion’s birthday. I had my doubts that Lily would still be with us at this time, but I must say she has made marked improvements in behavior over the past 2 months. It could be that we have started treating her more like a tiny dog than a hyperactive feral, but tame, cat.

In the course of the last year, Lily has kept us up at all hours of the night, tormented Bosco and Maggie relentlessly, discovered that feather dusters are the scourge of the Earth, developed a talent of leaping 6 feet in the air for a sitting position, and learned to sit on command. But, most importantly, she has become much more mellow, limiting her feral outbursts to only a few short bursts at night. Yay for us!

Happy Birthday, Lily!

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