QuickTest Pro 9.5 Object Recognition Issue

By XeroCube | May 7, 2008

The other day I was diligently creating reusable actions for later use and writing code like nobody’s business. I have had my object repository set up for weeks and haven’t had any issues with it. I have recently upgraded to QTP 9.5 with updated Add-ins for Visual Basic, Web, and .NET.

The application I have been automating is a VB6 desktop client application. Normally, my Object Spy recognizes the main form as frmMain, the VbName property for the action. Well, for whatever reason, QTP just stopped recognizing the VbName properties of all the application objects, choosing such helpful designations as VbWindow and VbButton.

Scouring the internet forums and support sites, I have discovered that this has been a fairly common issue with no distinct resolution. I had tried several remedies and then, in frustration, decided to reinstall the QTP application.

Lo and behold, I had solved the Object Recognition issue. An inelegant solution, but a solution nonetheless.

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