Iron Man

By xerocube | May 5, 2008

After a busy weekend spent with family and friends celebrating the impending birth of Baby Pate, Brandy and I went out for a date night to the movies. We had our choices between Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Iron Man. We went with “Iron Man.”

Needless to say, the hype machine has been in full gear for this flick for quite some time. There is a theory that I believe in regarding movies, games, tv shows, and books that goes like this:

“The more advertising you experience for the given[movie, game, tv show, book], the less likely you are to enjoy it.”

With that in mind, I was entered the theater with low expectations. I’ve seen comics-turned-movies fail spectacularly before (I’m looking at Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider, either Punisher movies, X-Men 3, Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, The Incredible Hulk, either Fantastic Four… just to name a few…), so I didn’t want to invest too much into. And, let’s face it, Robert Downey Jr, while a favored actor, just doesn’t come across as a superhero.

All that to say this, go see this movie. Now. Stop what you are doing and go to the theater (provided it still is in theaters by the time you read this post — otherwise, go rent it). This is one of the best comics-turned-movie flicks I have seen. The special effects are great, but don’t drive the movie. It is an origin plot, so you’ll learn how Tony Stark became Iron Man. And I can’t see any other actor being able to pull off the role as fantastically as Downey, Jr. Just the right mix of sarcasm, grit, physical humor, wit, and… well… womanizing playboy jerk. It was great!

The supporting cast was well played, from Paltrow’s cute Pepper Pots performance to Jeff Bridges’ Obadiah Stane. The cast was rounded out with Terrance Howard, who is quickly becoming one of my favored actors. We don’t see the War Machine yet in this movie, but Howard’s Rhodes character foreshadows his existence. The movie deftly alludes to the Mandarin as well, though he is conspicuously absent from this film.

John Favreau, who also appears as Hogan in the movie, has done a wonderful job with Iron Man. I can’t wait for the sequel to arrive, already slated for 2010. And the final teaser after the credits – awesome.

This movie has set the bar high for this summer’s movie season.

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