The Callen Sisters

By XeroCube | April 24, 2008

I have recently discovered a new music group that is just incredible. The sisterly duo, known as The Callen Sisters, are unique, to say the least. With a pairing of a guitar and a harp, along with beautiful vocal harmonization, they have created a wonderful blend of music.

I learned of them through (read more about this site here – thanks, ‘h0wler). I must admit, that I rarely rush out to buy albums these days, but I have made an exception here. I am a sucker for the whole “singer/songwriter” style of music, so if that is up your alley, then definitely give this a listen. It will be well worth your time.I have listened (and bumped) to the songs “Tangled Up” and “Lullaby” several times over and have enjoyed each more with every listen.

The album is available on AmazonMP3 (DRM-free music, ftw!) and over at


I hope you enjoy!

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