Colbert’s Campaign May Be Illegal

By xerocube | October 25, 2007

Stephen Colbert, of the Colbert Report, has recently announced his bid for the presidency of the United States. And the great thing about this is that no one knows how far he’ll take this, or if he’s truly in it.

ABC News reports that his campaign could be illegal, if the Federal Election Committee takes issue with his financing.

“The real problem comes in the fact that he actually has his own show, talking about his campaign, paid for by a network,” Noble said. “These are the kind of things on slow days you’d debate until the late afternoon at the FEC, but there are serious questions that come up. In theory, he could end up having some campaign finance problems.”

It goes on to state that he is going on with petitions to get himself on both the Democratic and Republican ballots in South Carolina. This should be an interesting story to follow up on. For more information on Colbert’s presidential bid, visit
Long live the Colbert Nation!

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