On Location – West Palm Beach

By xerocube | October 5, 2007

Day 2 in West Palm Beach and things are going well. I’ve forgotten how rain “storms” will frequently just pop up and blow over in the matter of minutes. It’s very relaxing though… swimming in the resort pool with the rain shower passing over. Relaxing… that is if you ignore the fact that lightning could strike at any minute. But that’s how I roll… Life’s short, swim dangerously… or something like that.

I’ve taken plenty of pictures with the intent on posting some at the end of the day.

TO recap the adventure so far:

  1. Plane landed at 12:37am on 10/4.
  2. Woke up at 9:00am on 10/4.
  3. Wandered along the Atlantic coast for the first time in 4 years. I have forgotten how ugly the beach can be on this side. Brown sand, littered with broken shells and some seaweed.
  4. Ate fantastic Cuban food at a place called “Havana.” Brandy will post more on that on her blog.
  5. Traveled to visit family.
  6. Hours later, ate at an overrated over-priced joint called “Mark’s City Place.” Again, look for more on that over at www.cookingwithbrandy.com.
  7. 10:00pm — check point: Hot tub. Fan-damn-tastic.

More later..

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