Germany puts the screws to copying…

By xerocube | September 24, 2007

In another stunning move, Germany becomes even less popular amongst the tech-savvy populace by cracking down on the copying of anything film or music related… even for personal use. – Germany cracks down on copying

Germany’s upper house of parliament on Friday approved a controversial copyright law, which makes it all but illegal for individuals to make copies of films and music, even for their own use.

The Bundesrat pushed aside criticism from consumer protection groups and passed the law, which makes it illegal for anyone to store DVDs and CDs without permission. The law also covers digital copies from IPTV and TV broadcasts.

Since when did fair use become such a sin? It, once again, shows me that if you have enough money,you can push anything into law. Put another tick in the “loss” column for common sense. Furthermore, does this include the use of VCRs, or just digital media?

So, no more making backup copies of your DVDs so your kidlets don’t scratch the originals. No more ripping your CD collection to your PC for use on your iPod/Zune. No more ripping that episode of Martha Stewart… errr… Battlestar so you can watch it whenever you want.

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