Weekly 360 Game Night #4 – Recap

By xerocube | August 10, 2007

Week #4 of the Weekly 360 Game Nights. Here we are a  month later and still going fairly strong for our group.  This week’s game was Burnout: Revenge.  Three members of our group joined the festivities: DirtpileFox, PelicanSteve, and Archbishop Xero. Archbishop Xero hosted the bouts.

The ranked goodness began with a series of 1 Round matches. PelicanSteve boosted his way to an easy victory the first match. Dirtpile won the second match with a .2 second win over Archbishop. And in a stunning turn of events, Xero pulled out a win on the third match thoroughly disappointing PelicanSteve. We raced and wished for a new car: The Krispy Kreme Racer (hot doughnuts NOW!).

Then things took a turn for the more interesting. The room piled up with random racers from around the world. Spyder888, ThwartedVash, and (ironically enough) BagODohNuts (and others) competed throughout the evening. Once Vash was cleansed with a little ointment, DohNuts found out that we weren’t actually out to get him.

There was no Takedown Fest tonight… and no achievements awarded, that I am aware of.

For those keeping track, some statistics:

On a sidenote: Bran started her own game night this evening. Branching out with the Wii, she laid some cooking smack down in Ratatouille. Being a single player game, there was not mucht rash talk, but suffice it to say that the TV received quite the verbal beatdown.

For those keeping track, some statistics:

See you next Wednesday. Game of the Night: Halo 2. Backup games: Gears of War, Bomberman Live, NCAA Football 2008

What games do you want to see in the coming Game nights? Leave a comment and let us know!

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