Weekly 360 Game Night #3 – Recap

By xerocube | August 2, 2007

Last night saw a resurgence of Gears of War. The multiplayer shenanigans started off with a bang in the Canals. DirtpileFoX led the COGs to victory with 209 points. Stewie13 gave tactical support while Archbishop Xero clapped loudly in the background in staunch moral support of the team. PelicanSteve proved his worth by adding a whopping 13 points for the Locust squad. Last night’s game play saw many new faces to our group, of which Stewie13 may become a regular.

After Bishop cut out early, taking his 18 points and going home, he sensed the following monumental moments of game play.

Stewie13 hid shamefully behind a burnt our shell of an automobile while PelicanSteve tagged him with a frag. Pelican danced for joy too early as DirtpileFoX delivered justice in the form of deathly pistol whip. Champion777 broke through gaming barriers, looking for the finish line, and was taken out with a well-placed boomshot from the bridge.
For those keeping track, some statistics:

See you next Wednesday. Game of the Night: Burnout. Backup games: Worms, Halo 2, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

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