Weekly 360 Game Night #2 – Recap

By xerocube | July 26, 2007

Week #2 of the Weekly 360 Game fest has come and gone. Last night, the game of the night was Burnout: Revenge.

The festivities began as PelicanSteve hosted the first match. It was an all out race to the finish (where else would we go?) between him, Archbishop Xero, and SlippyWeaselz. Racing through the back alleys of the Motor City warehouses, the mountainous hills of the Alps, and the inner city tracks of Asia Minor – the group hustled through many exciting races. Round for round, PelicanSteve stole the pole and never relented… finishing with 3 First places rounds. The results of Match #1: PelicanSteve (12), SlippyWeaselz (10), Archbishop Xero (8).

Match #2 started with a bang as the same group launched out of the gates, not towards the finish line, but into each other. The Takedown Wars had begun. PelicanSteve and Xero, having learned from previous matches, came to bat with the Low Rider (medium weight). Slippy came to the gunfight with his sword, the (superlight) Indy car. The carnage persisted for 25 minutes as the combatants trudged around the track, blowing each other up as many times as possible… Many civilians perished during this race… and in the end, we accrued 200+ takedowns. Race results: PelicanSteve, Archbishop Xero, SlippyWeaselz.

For those keeping track, some statistics:

See you next Wednesday. Game of the Night: Halo 2. Backup games: Gears of War, Catan, and Worms.

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