Weekly 360 Game Night #1 – Recap

By xerocube | July 19, 2007

The weekly sessions of 360 game play started off to a decidedly weak start.

Last night’s session of Gears of War was fought between DirtpileFox, whiteh0wler, and Archbishop Xero, and several other unknown soldiers.

The first 3 matches were mano y mano bouts between DirtpileFox and Archbishop Xero. Xero was humiliated in all 3 matches by a dominant Dirtpile. A rivalry between brothers seems to transcend into the gaming world.

The tide seemed to have turned when whitey joined the frey. Two on one: Dirtpile has an obvious disadvantage, right? That’s where you’re wrong. The humiliation continued as Dirtpile piled up the frags against the weakling duo. In a dismal showing, it was 6 rounds to 1 for the victor.

To close out the evening’s play, 2 more matches were played including intarweb outsiders. Xero and Dirtpile against the masses. Saving some face, Xero managed to win a round while Dirt took it all the way home for the win, including rallying from a 3 round deficit.

For those keeping track, some statistics:

Join us on Sunday night for another session. Either Burnout: Revenge, Halo 2, or Bomberman Live!

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One Response to “Weekly 360 Game Night #1 – Recap”

WhiteHowler Says:
July 19th, 2007 at 9:21 am

I spent most of the match unable to hear anyone talking, and trying to figure out the controls, since I’d spent months playing EDF (which is quite different).

And I only shot you once on purpose. =)