Only Cake in Contest Wins Second Place

By xerocube | July 6, 2007

Well, I guess I’ve heard of stranger things happening in contests, but it stands to reason that in a field of one, you can only have first place. However, that is using logic, and we should all know by now that never does anyone any good.

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Grandmother had the only cake in the contest – and still came second | the Daily Mail

‘My friend came over to me at the fete and said I had come second,’ she said.

‘I asked her how many more entries there had been but she just started laughing and said I was the only one.’

She was let down, in the judges’ eyes, by the indentations in the top of her sponge from the oven rack.

‘I definitely wasn’t annoyed about it,’ she said. ‘I thought my cake would do quite well but I didn’t expect to get first place.

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