Biomimicry – Products that mimic nature

By xerocube | June 14, 2007

This interesting article at promotes various products whose inspiration is Mother Nature herself and natural phenomena that scientists are working to duplicate. Biomimicry could lead to a brand new generation of products and inventions allowing people to gain benefit from natural designs.

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Product design by Mother Nature – June 1, 2007

Natural designs, honed through millions of years of evolution, tend to be surprisingly efficient. Products built along those lines could replace the detritus of the first industrial age with cleaner, more elegant, and much more sustainable substitutes.

“Biomimicry has become a methodology for finding answers to engineering or design questions,” says Janine Benyus, who wrote one of the first books on the subject and now consults with companies looking to profit from biomimics. “You take an engineering problem like how to lubricate or adhere to something, and you find examples of how nature has solved that problem. If you look carefully, you can always find technologies shaped by natural selection that hold the answers.”

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