The Object Repository in QTP 9

By xerocube | May 2, 2007

The Software Inquisition has an article about the new Object Repository interface in QuickTest Pro 9. Since the company I work is about to migrate to this version of QTP, I figured I would read up on it a bit. This article does a good bit of explaining some new features (and added headaches), so I have a better clue what to look for in a few weeks.

From the looks of it, they’ve added a handy little feature called “Locate in Repository”, which should help us out immediately. From the article:

The Software Inquisition » New Object Repository Interface in QuickTest Pro 9

Locate in Repository – the Coolest New Feature This is the coolest thing in the new OR – the ability to click on an object in the AUT, and have it highlighted in the OR. Was it just me, or did everyone else spend an awful lot of time searching for objects in the OR, navingating through trees and trees of crap, when the object on the page was just sitting there laughing at you? Now you click the “Locate in Repository” button, click on the object in the AUT, and it goes right there – if it can find it. It’s a safe bet that if QTP can locate the object during a test run, it can locate it in an OR. It doesn’t always work, but it’s better than the nothing we had before.

So this should be somewhat helpful to those of you in QTP-land making the jump to version 9. As I get to work in the tool, I will post more thoughts on it.

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