The Cost of Unlocking Everything

By xerocube | April 16, 2007

This is a great article, in my opinion…

It harps on the rising cost of DRM-less music tracks from iTunes Music Store, to locked content on video games. It’s an editorial piece, with an opinion I can support.

From the article:

There’s a balancing act here: You want to give players substantial, meaningful rewards for doing well, but you don’t want to make them suffer through boring or unwanted parts of the game to get to the “good stuff.”

And of course, you don’t want players who aren’t really good to miss out on any of that costly content you built for the game.

Clearly, the trend emerging now is toward a less locked-down future. One of the big RIAA labels is offering a path — albeit not a well-priced one — to music that you can more easily move around to different devices.

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