32 Things You Can Do With Beer

By xerocube | March 26, 2007

Yet another posting on beer… seems I am finding more interesting articles these days to pass along to you.

MSN Lifestyle presents us with 32 things you can do with beer (other than the favorite: Drinking It). My favorite from the list is (because of the sheer oddity of it): 6. SHAMPOO HAIR.

From the article:

Not only is beer the remedy for a dull party, it’s also the cure for dull hair. Dump a cup into a small saucepan and bring it to a boil over medium heat. Let it reduce until there’s 1/4 cup left. This removes the alcohol, which can dry hair. Let the beer cool, then mix it with a cup of your favorite shampoo. Pour it into an empty shampoo bottle, then wash and rinse as usual. It’ll give your hair more shine and luster.

Read on!

32 Things You Can Do with Beer – Page1 – MSN Lifestyle: Men

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