“American Idol” Surprise?

By xerocube | March 22, 2007

Yes, I know… I should be ashamed of myself. I’ve been following American Idol this season. And it’s almost been enough to make me want a hot coffee enema. This season has been sad, save for a few talented performers.

But, once again, pretty boy Sanjaya has miraculously made it through to the next round. Personally, I give kudos to VoteForTheWorst.com for yet another victory. And maybe some props to the crocodile tears graciously donated by some random girl in the audience that night.

Anyway — This season has had it’s surprises, but I hope that the voters realize that, all in all, this is a singing competition. And only 4 (I’m feeling generous today) contestants can do that.

‘American Idol’ has surprise elimination – CNN.com

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