[Wii] Wii Play – Review

By xerocube | February 14, 2007

Yesterday, I purchased my third Wii game: Wii Play. It is packaged with a Wii Remote, so it’s worth it one way or the other. I have been excited about this game, since I heard it had a Billiards game included. Not only that, but table tennis! So here’s my thoughts: 9 mini-games, 1 remote control – both for $50. Heck, I needed an extra controller anyway, which at $40 MSRP, makes the game essentially $10. I convinced myself of the need to buy the game.

My initial impressions of the game were that of goofy fun. Brandy and I popped the game in, selected our Miis, and were greeted to a menu where our fellow Miis were frolicking in the background. Odd, but funny — to me. Then the game took us through the 9 games in succession, teaching us what we needed to do and how to play. This is when I realized that this game is not so much a full fledged game, but another “tech demo” of the Wii and it’s hardware capabilities. This is not a bad thing, but means that we are still educating the masses on what the Wii can mean to them. Either way, we still went on to have a blast playing with it.

Of the nine games, Laser Hockey, Cow Racing, and Billiards were our favorite games. Billiards being a little hard to get used to, due to the somewhat awkward position of trying to shoot pool with one hand and no pool cue. Overall, the complete package was enjoyable, though didn’t live up to my expectations. So, for this essentially $10 game, it is well worth it, in my opinion. For a full fledged $50… I’d wait for a price drop.

For more information, drop by IGN’s Wii Play page.

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