Day of the Ninja

By xerocube | December 5, 2006

Ninjas — God love ’em, they are locked in an eternal battle against the formidable Pirates. Tired of being outdone by the ubiquitous Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept 19th — Talk Like A, the Ninja Council gathered to spawn the mystical Day of the Ninja.

Yes, December 5th is the annual day when ninjas silently flick the big ol’ ninja finger of doom at Pirates worldwide. The Day of the Ninja strives to unite all modern ninjas in a continued front against the age old Pirates. The Day of the Ninja definitely trumps Talk Like A Pirate day with style and finesse (Really, what could be cooler than having a swarm of ninjas dropping their clouds of invisibility to run around tormenting the populace?), but Talk Like A Pirate day is much more crowd friendly – a definite PR plus.

Don your ninja head gear, become one with your inner nature, and grab your kitana — It’s time for the Day of the Ninja!

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