National Novel Writer’s Month

By xerocube | October 30, 2006

National Novel Writer’s Month
Here’s a novel idea (no pun intended). An organized event to encourage people to write a novel during November. A short novel. 50,000 words to be exact… well, more of a threshold.
Anyway, for the entire month of November, people are being challenged to produce a short novel or at least 50,000 words, or approximately 175 pages. This is a tough but doable challenge. However, they don’t expect quality, just quantity. So if you participate, expect to write some fluff… probably bad fluff… but it could be interesting fluff. Think about this mantra: “No Plot? No Problem!”.
I discovered this site this morning through the wonderful LifeHacker blog. It’s a shame I only have 2 days to think out what I am going to attempt to write. I think I will do this though, to see what I can produce. Who knows, I may even keep tabs of my progress here on the blog.
As a second thought, anybody out there interested in going in with me to co-author a novel? Post a comment and let me know…

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