By xerocube | September 27, 2006

In my efforts to test the performance of one of the applications around my office, I came across an open-source tool: JMeter. Well, a co-worker stumbled upon it and we started to explore its use. It turns out to be a fairly useful tool, though not as extensible as your LoadRunner’s and QALoad’s. Of all the tools I have used in the past, I’d closely relate it Microsoft’s ACT.

Anyway, it has many useful applications such as proxy recording, multi-threaded scripts, remote script execution and the like. What I liked about it the most, however, was the ability to execute JUnit test scripts on a large scale. This allowed us to execute a 30-user test on a Swing desktop application and capture some rudimentary timing data. The downside is that we had to manually copy the JUnit tests to each of the test machines… and use 30 seperate machines, but I feel that was a limitation of the application under test, not JMeter.

So if you are looking for a decent tool to test your web application performance, I’d suggest giving JMeter a shot.

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