Performance Testing with LoadRunner using QuickTest Pro

By xerocube | August 25, 2006

I have spent some considerable time on the phone with Mercury Tech Support regarding performance testing a Java Swing application. One approach we have successfully proven was utilizing QuickTest Pro to exercise our application while generated load through LoadRunner.

Here are some important details that I have gleaned:

  • Each machine needed will also need to the LoadRunner Agent installed and running for connectivity.
  •  This is some preliminary information. I will post more as I learn it.


    I also learned that load generating machines need to have the following application installed in order for the LoadRunner Controller to communicate and execute the QTP scripts on a destination machine. You must have the application under test (AUT) installed or accessible, an installation of QuickTest Pro (an required plug ins), and the LoadRunner Agent Process installed and running.

    In cases of having multiple terminal Services sessions, you must have the LoadRunner Agent Process running on each session and refer to each session as a seperate Load Generating machine in the controller. I believe you reference each instance as MachineName:0, MachineName:1, etc. Please correct me, if I am wrong here.

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