Review: Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting [XBOX 360]

By xerocube | August 3, 2006

It’s Thursday, and that means another game was released on XBOX Live! Arcade yesterday. Indeed, it was the glorious appearing of Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting. I drove home from work anxious. I had bought into the media hype over the game hook, line, and sinker. I booted the 360, found the download, and waited impatiently as the 50-some odd meg download finished. Then, I clicked play.

I fought back tears as I was greeting to the black screen with the old familiar “Capcom” logo appeared. And then… there it was. Street Fighter II. Just like I remembered it from the days of camping out at the local arcade spending every last dollar I made. The graphics and gameplay are spot-on. The sound effects and music are back in full force. The satisfying “Yoga Flame” to the potent Hurricane Kick. It’s all back and it’s come full force with Online play. Granted, it’s no standing in a circle at a single arcade machine, yelling loudly with the crowd, but it comes darn close.

When it comes to my HD television set, I realized I could increase the screen size to fill the full display with little distortion, if any, that I can recognize. The game is beautiful, if not according to today’s standards. I’ve grown accustomed to 3D fighters these days, so going back to 2D sprite fighters has been a little challenging, but worth it. And still, th D-pad feels better to me while playing.

I say, to those lucky 360 owners, get online… find the download… plunk down your 800 points and get nostalgic on some people…

Review: 8 of 10.

sidenote: Did anybody else feel the longing for Final Fight, Legendary Wings, Strider, or Bionic Commando on Live Arcade when they saw the Capcom logo? Or was it just me?

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