Too far?

By xerocube | June 21, 2006

Okay — so I am not the biggest soccer, football – to those outside the US, fan. However, like a good number of my friends, I’ve turned out to be a huge fan of the World Cup. (This follows my other sports fanship trends, being a fan of hockey during the Stanley Cup, a fan of the NFL during the Super Bowl, and a fan of GLOW Wrestling anytime). Anyway, allow me to draw your attention to the following advertisment from Nike.


Here we have one of England’s star players, Wayne Rooney, depicting his warrior’s rage. Looking at it invokes many thoughts: “is that how it feels to score a goal at the world cup?”, “I bet it feels weird to be covered in paint.”, “Why does this feel reminiscent of Braveheart?”, “How cool is that, they painted him like a flag.”…  It looks like I am in the minority with these thoughts though…  as this news story sheds light on.

Ok, so I should probably spend more time reading US news articles, but this one caught my attention. Apparently, this image has caused controversy within those in the religious community with overtones of “the Crusades” and a “trivialisation of Christ’s suffering” (source: linked article).

I fail to see that, as I am a fairly surface level guy. However, I’d be open to listen to other’s opinion on the matter.

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