Defining moments…

By Adam | June 12, 2006

The defining moments of your life aren’t necessarily scheduled events and are rarely anticipated. Now granted, there are many defining moments that you can see a mile away: your wedding, your high school graduation, a Cracker Barrel. There are others that just sneak up on you like an albino in a snowstorm. Those are the moments you need to be on the watch for, as the decisions you make at those times could very well affect the course of your life. You know the times I’m talking about: the squirrel racing in front of your car, the dreaded DTR conversations with you significant other, needing to explain a $4,000 receipt to BestBuy in the back of your wallet.

Anyway – always be on the lookout for these moments… and weigh your options carefully. You never know when it will be the moment that solidifies your feelings or signifies your impending doom.

In the end, when you are faced with those choices, I can only hope and pray that you, too, choose cheese — it is the way to go without a doubt.

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