Kamikaze Karaoke

By Adam | June 8, 2006

So, I went to Starz last night… Starz Karaoke Lounge. Yes — it’s official. I’m a regular. How do I know this? Come with me and let’s take a quick journey of discovery…
1) I walk into the bar at 6:00pm which immediately signifies two things: a) I’m a drunk (I kid… I kid…) and ii) I’ve nothing better to do.

2) The bartender, Rob, greets me by name and immediately serves up my usual order (clue #1, for those playing the home game) and asks where my better half is (clue #2). I look around and search through the crowd to see if my girl has made it yet — it was an easy search. The bar was empty.

3) So Rob and I are chatting and we get to discussing business plans and strategies and all this… and then I take a tour of his kitchen. Yup — I’m allowed in the backroom now. (Clue #3)

4) Brandy finally arrives and we get her drink order in… and then it happens… the karaoke fairy rings the bell… it’s time to get our sing on.
And here’s the ultimate tell… I never touch the song book, yet end up singing 12 songs (clue #4). The barkeep started a game that we dubbed Kamikaze Karaoke where he generated a set of numbers… and we had to pick the numbered song and sing whatever it was…

Oh, and other people in the crowd pulled me up on stage to sing with them (clue #5)…

Yup — karaoke superstar… that’s me.

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