Alabama Elections

By Adam | June 7, 2006

Election Day snuck up on me yesterday… how is it that, as connected with the world as I am, that I missed the majority of the issues we were supposed to vote on? Now, I’m not going to discuss my voting strategies or anything right now, because this isn’t the place, but I do want to ask this question.

What are the biggest issues facing Alabamians these days?

You’d think I’d know, seeing as I’ve lived here for a long time. But I pose this as a serious question. I’d like to get my finger on the pulse of the populace.

I keep hearing about the corruption in Alabama politicians. Isn’t this the truth with most politicians? If you have some examples of this, or other issues, please comment and let me know – I’d love to hear them.

I guess I’m taking some interest in this, as I’d like to become more involved. Or, at the very least, informed.

We could talk about what issues I am concerned with, but I shan’t discuss them unless I hear some interested voice by you guys (and gals).

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