Tabloid Media

By Adam | June 2, 2006

It’s all over the news… movie Starlet A is pregnant. Movie Stud B is hooking up with Susie Poptart. Next week, an exclusive tour of Grand Daddy P’s crib in Northwest Idaho!
All this garbage and worthless “news” is just so damn entrancing. I’ll admit, I’m hooked. I read it just like everyone else.

How is it than when people talk about it, the general concensus is that no one cares? I know I certainly don’t care… but it’s like a train wreck… you really don’t want to watch it… but you do… and you take pictures… and you create a “moment” for yourself.

But why is it that we are so entralled with the personal lives of people a grand majority will never actually meet? Moreso, why do I have to know when the latest celebrity couple has birthed their 14th set of twins in Western Columbia? I guess it’s a guilty pleasure… or maybe… deep down… I wish I could be in the tabloids too… having everybody wanting to know what I’m doing…

And then that dream is burst when I come to the conclusion that no one wants to read a story about how I spent last night reading a book in nothing but a pair of Umbros and a t-shirt that boldly proclaims that I like pi. Or maybe the general public would eat that story up… The American public is beyond repair if that’s the case…

Anyway — I welcome any comments from the peanut gallery on this matter…

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