By xerocube | May 18, 2006

For those of you who enjoy the occasional frosty brew, I’d like to encourage you to check out the following site:

This site is dedicated to expanding the variety of beer allowed within the great state of Alabama. It is promoting the sale and import of gourmet beers. I, for one, would love for such an expansion as it may allow for me to readily purchase my favorite beer, Fat Tire.

As it stands, Alabama does not allow beer to sold in containers over a certain size: pints, I believe. Nor does it allow for beers containing more than 6% alcohol content.

I am not advocating the drinking of highly potent brew, just for the sake of it being more potent. This restriction is limiting the availability of a wider selection of gourmet beer. Let’s face it, all beer does not taste the same… and quite frankly, a good bit of it tastes horrid. The good ol’ fashioned brews just can’t hold a candle to beverages lovingly made by microbreweries located around the country.

I encourage you to at least read over what they have to say at If you agree, then support them by contacting your representatives in Montgomery.

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