Mini-Movie Review

By xerocube | March 26, 2006

Over the past week, i have seen several new movies… many of which I would like to discuss in further detail, which will come at a later date. For now, to sate your curiousity, I shall give you my mini-reviews.

1) Skeleton Key (Kate Hudson) — Semi-predictable thriller. Decent acting. 6 on a scale of 10 (10 being best).

2) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) – Campy comedy. Nowhere near as good as the books from Douglas Adams. I enjoyed it nonetheless. 6 of 10 (10 being best).

3) The Fog (2005) – Wow — I want those 20 minutes back. 2 of 10.

4) Derailed (Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen) – I really didn’t want to finish this movie. Acting was stilted. Couldn’t buy into the villian. I wanted to actually beat the writers for subjecting the world to that movie. Had potential. Failed… (2 of 10)

5) Wallace and Gromit – Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Loved this movie. Animated… funny (in British style). Cheese! (9 of 10)

6) Hustle and Flow (2005) – Another great movie! It’s hard of there for a pimp… get this movie and enjoy. (9 of 10)

7) How to Lose your Lover (2005) – Hokey romantic comedy. Entertaining. Worth a watch, if you like the genre. (6 of 10)

8) Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) (2005) – Russian Sci-Fi Thriller. Subtitled. Loved this movie. Excellent storyline, good acting, excellent visuals. Breakout Russian film. Cannot recommend enough! (10 of 10)

9) Chicken Little (2005) – Funny animated flick. Fish is the best part of the film. (8 of 10)

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