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By XeroCube | July 31, 2005

I have been sitting here thinking about the events of the week and I just can’t get this one thing out of my head. I know that I am not alone in thinking this, but I figured I’d just go ahead and put myself on record — granted, I know few people in the world care to know what is going on with Xerocube, but what the hell — it’s a start.

What is with the hullabaloo with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? You mean, a video game production house has generated a game with hidden sexual content? Whoopdie f’n do! They are not the first, and sure as hell not going to be the last. So, go ahead and give it the holy grail of ratings: the dreaded AO. Who gives a rip? You have succeeded in forcing people who really want to purchase the game to go to a niche shop (or site) to purchase the game. So Wal-Mart won’t stock the game anymore. Well, that’s alright, in my opinion… it may help make some parents make some informed f’n decisions when it comes to the own child’s welfare. Which is really where I want to take this rant…

I can understand wanting to attack the coroporation for introducing “filth” and “porn” into today’s society. Ok… it’s been happening for years… you should expect it now. Am I all for it? Depends… would I buy this game for my kids? Um… NO. Why? Because I would take the time to see what my kids were doing with their time and see why they want the game, or book, or movie, or whatever.

SHould politicians dictate what is “pure”, “good”, and “right” for our kids or for the public to have access to? I’d say not… that comes with being part of a “free” society. Freedom of sppech and expression? Yay! I love that freedom. You know what else that gives me the right of? Yes, that is correct: the right to be offended. There are many things that offend me (ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you). However, that does NOT give me the right to restrict someone else from presenting their views. We all have the right to disagree.

So what we have are politicians (that’s right, Sen. Clinton… I’m pointing you out) who are reacting to the event’s of the day. Some group of technically capable people put together some modification to this game in efforts to expose some content that was never meant to go public. Now I am not necessarily defending Rockstar game here, but are they truly at fault for this? Maybe, maybe not. The code was restricted from the production copy of the game… but they left the code in there. People who purchased the game made a modification (mind you, this was NOT authorized. I would even like to think the EULA speaks against this kind of action… just a thought there) to allow this content to be seen. Now kids have seen it, or heard about the Hot Coffee mod (thanks, you media moguls!) and want to get it for their copy of the game… which more than likely, their parents bought for them without knowing what the game was about.

Shame on the parents! Not the game house… not the “hackers”… Not the stores for selling the game… the parents. Look at what you have bought for your children! If you didn’t, spend some time looking at what games your children are playing! Own up to your failings as a parent and change your ways. Don’t go blaming some company for your shortcoming. Politicians: remember the right of self-expression… sometimes, unfortunately, that goes true for the corporation. Such is life, they are out there trying to make a buck for their product… which is (or should be) targetted at the more mature audience. If it falls into the hands of children… parents should be more involved.

Do we want to journey into the territory or sex versus violence in the media today? Not today… maybe later. We’ll also tackle arguments over media hype in the scenarios… maybe. But, again, not today. Also… “personal rights” — we’ll take a stab at this one later too.

I encourage you all, if you agree with me, to start standing up and fighting for what you believe in. Start breaking down this litigious society and starting pushing parents to stay involved with thier kids. If you kid fights in school, is it a game’s fault? a movie’s? or lack of involvement from the parents? I’d start with the latter… let’s start changing our society. Own up to your decisions, your mistakes, and your successes. Stop blaming other people! Take it on the chin and move on. It is not too late. You, and you alone, are responsible for your actions…

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XeroCube Says:
July 31st, 2005 at 7:45 am

You know what… if you agree with me… post the link to the article around. Let’s get the word out. The more comments, the better!

vo0do0chile Says:
July 31st, 2005 at 4:39 pm

kickass cube. I totally agree with you. Your link will go up tomorrow.