Movie Review: War of the Worlds

By XeroCube | July 5, 2005

Amid all the hoopla over the manic operations of Tom Cruise, I decided to go see the summer blockbuster that is War of the Worlds. Let me briefly state: I hate the premise of creating a movie just to make a summer blockbuster. Granted, these movies are generally fun and exciting, but hardly ever worthwhile in the long run. Gladiator was a summer blockbuster that, in my opinion, is worthwhile in the long term. War of the Worlds will not hold the same stature.

That being said, the movie is definately worth a viewing in the theater. The special effects are on a grand scale and do not (surprisingly) detract from the overall movie experience. The effects actually enhance the experience and give your a true feeling of utter destruction. And that destruction is pretty much what kept me enthralled throughout the movie. You never quite escape seeing Tom Cruise playing the role of Tom Cruise as a deadbeat dad who turns “hero.” Dakota Fanning, cute girl that she is, has perfected the ear bleeding scream that would make you want to willing hand the girl over to the new alien overlords…

Does this movie have the same scare-factor of the original? Sadly, no… however — it does give a solid retelling of the story and will, more than likely, fulfill its destiny of being a summer blockbuster. Go see it in the theater… at the very least, on matinee. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show…

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